PROMIND Leadership Coaching delivers leadership development coaching to emerging and established leaders in real estate through its R.E.A.L. Coaching approach

Resilience. | Effectiveness. | Accountability. | Leadership.

Coaching that gets results, for real estate people by real estate people

What We Do

We coach emerging and established leaders in real estate with future leadership skills

to become more
Resilient, Effective and Accountable Leaders

so that they make positive changes to their behaviours and get better resul

Who We Work With 

Our clients have aims and ambitions that require positive change

  • Who recognise they have more to offer 
  • Who seek empowerment  from leadership coaching
  • Who are willing to invest in their human capital / personal development to maximise performance
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How We Work

We focus on how people think because how people think has the biggest impact on how they behave, and therefore the ultimate results they get

We deliver successful self-leadership strategies
because these underpin all leadership performance, so this delivers maximum lasting change and openness to further leadership development

We focus on the individual because by supporting people to discover personal blockers to success and how to overcome them, each person learns how to close their unique gap between their performance and potential

We adopt tech-enabled coaching
to optimise  the delivery of essential knowledge and individualised practical application techniques 

We use our EduTech and psychology expertise
to deliver the most compelling and user-friendly learning strategies  

We keep the cost down
so that coaching becomes more available, accessible and affordable for a wider audience

Work With Us

Bespoke coaching 

Design and delivery of bespoke coaching programmes and one-to-one coaching

Online coaching

Flexible, cost-effective online coaching direct to professionals 


Interactive, knowledge-sharing single sessions and group facilitation 


 Get in touch to register your interest to participate in our research or access the findings


Your Coach

Victoria draws upon her expertise and experience in coaching, CBT, neuro linguistic programming, psychometric profiling, cognitive psychology and leadership development principles, as well as her own PhD research, to fulfil her role as coach and ensure maximum benefit for her clients. 

  • Market-facing roles in property finance and proptech 
  • Speaker, research author and mental performance / health expert
  • Success attributed to understanding others and commitment to results
  • Values empowerment, impact, quality, service and respect

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