About us

We empower individuals and businesses to fulfil their aims and ambitions through coaching

We specialise in supporting individuals to gain resilience, effectiveness, accountability and leadership to learn to fulfil their own unique potential, so that they have all the resources they need to succeed

PROMIND Coaching delivers people development coaching for real estate sector professionals and businesses

Leadership Coaching

Leadership development for established and emerging leaders to deliver employee engagement and financial performance 

Parent Coaching

Niche coaching to support professionals balancing the demands of the workplace and relationships with children 

Wellbeing Coaching 

Mental wellbeing coaching supporting professionals to self-manage their mental health and performance 


We believe the world would be a better place if everyone had access to a wider support network of coaches, mentors and mental health experts

We set out to make coaching more available, accessible and affordable for everyone 


We seek to empower everyone we meet to make positive and lasting change for their own benefit and those around them


We focus our efforts on achieving positive impact for each and every individual we meet 


We commit to high standards in everything we do including research to further enhance existing standards 


We believe all interactions should be carried out with respect 


We are here to serve and offer impactful learning practices so that people can grow and develop themselves


We believe we are better together and collaborate accordingly
our own empowerment is the difference we make to others

Our Impact

Victoria’s expertise in executive coaching combined with a background in Real Estate has been invaluable. Over the past two years Victoria’s insights have helped many of our employees to reframe, reposition and rethink, the benefits have been immeasurable.
PROMIND's R.E.A.L Coaching and Victoria's delivery of the leadership development programme really helped our Senior Leadership Team to understand each other better, and align ourselves to achieve more as a team.  
PHIL STEWART, shrewsbury international school, bangkok
My communication is now much more  effective with with my team. The results of doing DISC personality profiling have been fantastic. The effects have gone beyond improved working relationships to benefit me more broadly, personally, in homelife relationships too. 
Molly siggs, gUNNERCOOKE
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