Get aHead Leadership Programme
Applied, practical leadership essentials for emerging leaders 

  •  Intermediate
  • Leadership
  • Flexible dates
An intermediate level high impact and individualised  coaching programme imparting practical leadership essentials for emerging leaders

  • SELF-STARTER SYSTEM:  How to maximise natural strengths, flex your leadership style and set goals to optimise your leadership
  • TEAM TIME: How to engage your team so that they are at their best; how to elevate your team and free your time for leadership; how to communicate with your team effectively
  • PERFORMANCE PACER: How to foster the environment you want for your team and maximise performance
Enroll by 18th January to attend the next live sessions

What's included?

Live coaching

Access to an expert coach
9 sessions 
Live session support (Zoom)

Individualised learning

Reflective exercises
Live Q&A opportunities
Feedback on your Pivot Plan

Practical application

Key concepts in short videos
Practical techniques
Additional relevant resources

What's covered?

  • You as a leader
  • Setting your sights 
  • Engaging your team 
  • Communicating
  • Elevating your team
  • Handling change 
  • Handling conflict
  • Effective feedback
  • Sustainable working
  • Personal Success Plan 

What you will learn

You will learn your unique leadership style and how to maximise your natural leadership strengths to deliver results through other people.

You will learn essential leadership skills and practical applications to enhance your leadership, with mutually beneficial strategies for individuals and teams.

You will become a confident leader with a selection of strategies to influence so that you can deliver on your objectives. 

Your leadership coaching will: 

  • Increase understanding of your own unique leadership traits
  • Develop your understanding of others' motivations, drivers and attributes
  • Enhance the effectiveness and impact of your communication style
  • Help you handle difficult interactions with confidence and positive results 
  • Share strategies, dos and don'ts for maximum team engagement and alignment of interests
  • Develop strategic behaviours with the application of key leadership concepts and models 


Your Coach

Victoria draws upon her expertise and experience in coaching, CBT, neuro linguistic programming, psychometric profiling, cognitive psychology and evidence-backed leadership development principles to fulfil her role as coach and ensure maximum benefit for her clients.

  • Market-facing roles in property finance and proptech 
  • Speaker, research author and mental performance / health expert
  • Success attributed to understanding others and commitment to results
  • Values empowerment, impact, quality, service and respect

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